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Yak-o Ball was created by the Yako Family which now distributes YB under Yako Games, LLC which is a family run business based near Cleveland, OH, USA.  Our family enjoys spending time with each other, friends, and anyone we meet that is interested in playing YB with us.

Our family has grown up with YB and YB has “grown up” with us.  It started out “way back when” with a couple of holes in the sand and a tennis ball and has now evolved to the YB Kit and the official course designs.

We are proud of how YB brings together family and friends and we want to share those experiences with everyone.


Yak-o Ball has a long history and has been a favorite game for our family and friends for over 20 years. It has been played by hundreds of family, friends, and acquaintances we have met along the way that saw our passion for the game and wanted to join in the fun.  YB can be played by anyone willing to have some fun and of any age.

YB has “grown up” over time, as has our family, and it now involves a range of “courses” from beginner to pro levels.  It can be played at any level depending on the participants.

We have a passion for the game and hope you enjoy playing it as much as we do!

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